Colour Selections

Colour Selections

At Reliance Design and Fabrication we strive to offer our customers an infinite choice on colours to create the most personalized touch to their special project.  Our powder coat range is applied with the highest of standards and is proudly applied by a professional team right here in WA.

Getting the coating system right early in the design phase can significantly increase the life span of your valuable assets. The long term corrosion protection of an item depends on many factors. The initial design, the choice of corrosion protection system, the production techniques, the ongoing maintenance scheme and the operating environment will all have an effect on the performance throughout the in-service life. Interpon has a range of corrosion protection systems to ensure performance excellence.

Below we have attached photos of the most popular colour choices displayed on our products to help with your selection, along with powder coat brochures to explain the finer details of the process and explain why we have chosen this application for our product. A product manufactured in WA, applied in WA and designed to protect your custom project.

“Less is more”

– Mies van der Rohe

Download the below PDF brochures to assist with your colour selections: